Wi-Fi Issues – You’ve tried everything else…NOW try US.

Kim from Northwood was having major issues with Wi-Fi at her home. After trying everything she could think of including changing providers she contacted us after reading some reviews in her neighbourhood group.

the scenario

  • Kim from Northwood was having major issues with Wi-Fi at her home
  • Her son was unable to do his work in his bedroom due to the connectivity
  • Her kids could not use their gaming room due to the connectivity
  • She was unable to run her online Yoga classes from her home gym.
  • General Wi-Fi connectivity was poor
how did she try to fix wi-fi
  1. Changed providers
  2. Bought boosters
  3. Turned the router on and off
  4. Screamed at the router ๐Ÿ™‚
  • solutionWe conducted an assessment of her property to discover what the pain points were.
  • Where was Wi-Fi weak and what did we think we could implement to resolve this?
  • Next, we provided a detailed quote regarding what we would do and the costs.
  • Finally, we installed a Wi-Fi mesh system (click here to learn more about this) which ensured she got excellent coverage around the house.
  • Her son’s room which previously was really poor now had excellent coverage.
    We fully tested all connectivity before leaving the property.

Weโ€™ve had bad WiFi for 8 years now. Changed providers and tried everything. Bart at Simple Home Solutions was amazing, so knowledgeable, and sorted our house out. My boys are at last in their playroom watching tv. First time in years. Loving the reach of the Wi-Fi! Weโ€™re really pleased. Thanks, Bart

About SHS

We are a family-run business based in North West London who provide affordable technology solutions for homes and small businesses
We specialise in home networking and Wi-Fi connectivity for homes, garden offices and small businesses
We can help with your Wi-Fi issues no matter where you are!!!


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