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We can reinstall your software, add any new hardware or set you up from scratch, possibly saving you money in the process!

Let us set up your printer to enable you to print from any device and anywhere at home.

These issues are a result of poor Wi-Fi connectivity, let us install a cost effective Mesh Wi-Fi system to improve your coverage and kill and dead spots.

We can set up free software and show you how to run timely backups to protect all of your data.

How we helped a client

Sanjay Joshi

The problem

Poor Wi-Fi Coverage Affecting Home Working
Kids Complaining About Wi-Fi

Sanjay has a large 5-bed house which spans over 3 floors. He lives with his wife and 2 daughters

He had poor Wi-Fi coverage across the house and had been battling with Sky for 6 years to resolve this. He works from home permanently and this was affecting his work, his customers would also mention the connectivity issues that he was having.

Additionally, his daughters would constantly complain about the Wi-Fi which would affect their homework as well as their ability to stream various content.

He resorted to putting in various plug-in extenders and having 2 different networks to try and resolve a widespread problem.

After seeing a client recommend SHS on Facebook he got in touch with us!!! ​

the solution

Installed Protected Garden Sockets, Installed Security Cameras & Fixed Light

SHS conducted a site survey to understand the extent of the problem. We then put a proposal together to look at the most cost-effective solutions which would also cause the least disruption given he works from home every day.

We installed a TP-Link Deco mesh Wi-Fi system. This didn’t require us to run any cables and had zero downtime as well.

By strategically placing the Mesh units across the 3 floors it ensured that we got great and stable coverage throughout the house.

The result was a separate Wi-Fi network for their devices which provided excellent coverage across the whole house.

The mesh units also provided ethernet access for Sanjay’s office and both his daughter’s bedroom laptops

the recommendation

5 gold star recommendation

"Dad ur Broadband is from the 19th Century"

“After 15 months of working from home and struggling to put up with frequent complaints of my kids (“Dad our broadband is from the 19 Century”) and my customers (“Have you got dial up Internet?”) I luckily came across a strong review of SHS.

After therefore asking Bart to do a survey some 10 days later I find myself in a completely different place. We now have a broadband service that’s extremely fast, no more slow downloads or freezing zoom sessions and most importantly happy kids doing silly tic tok videos with their friends.

Seriously and really impressed with SHS’s professionalism to solve a problem I have been speaking to Sky about for 6 years but to no avail (no I don’t want to watch yes to the dress sky – I just wanted you to sort my broadband).

Thoroughly recommend Simple Home Solutions.” ​

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