Is Wi-Fi Costing Your Business Money?

Calling all Beer Gardens, Restaurants, Cafes, if your customers cannot pay for goods sat outside get in touch as your Wi-Fi is losing you money!
Is WiFi Losing you money
  • Do you struggle with Wi-Fi in your place of business?
  • Can you take card payments outside?
  • Would you like to be able to order and pay wherever they are sitting?
  • Are your clients kids complaining about the Wi-Fi?


Bentley Priory Museum approached us as their cafe had this exact issue meaning their customers could not pay while sitting outside on their lovely patio.

  1. Kids would complain to parents that they can’t use the Wi-Fi.
  2. Parents would leave earlier than they planned.
  3. Clients couldn’t order more or pay wherever they were sat
  4. They contacted us to see how we could help.

Step 1 – We undertook a site visit to understand the issue and realised that the PDQ machines that take payments are connected to the Wi-Fi and as this was already poor in the Cafe area it would explain why clients were unable to pay for goods and order more wherever they were sat and would be forced to walk into the Cafe to continue.

Step 2 – We provided a detailed quote for installing a Mesh Wi-Fi system that would improve connectivity and eliminate dead spots.

Step 3 – We installed a TP Link Deco Mesh Wi-Fi system. This drastically improved the Wi-Fi coverage in the Cafe itself and then extended this coverage outside which meant customers were able to now pay and order food while outside.

Get in touch today if your place of business has similar issues or if you have been somewhere and they could NOT take your card payment when you sat outside.

About SHS

We are a family-run business based in North West London who provide affordable technology solutions for homes and small businesses
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