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Based in North West London, Simple Home Solutions specialises in resolving Wi-Fi and Networking issues for Homes and Small Businesses.
Wherever you are located we can help with your Wi-Fi via our mesh Wi-Fi systems.
We had a client based in Harrow who was so happy with how we resolved her Wi-Fi issues she asked if we could resolve her issues in her Malta holiday home. After conducting an assessment with her, we provided her a system to take on holiday. On arrival, she plugged this in and had fantastic coverage everywhere just like home.
So wherever you are, if you’ve Wi-Fi issues just give us a call for a chat!

In the UK many homes and small businesses suffer from poor Wi-Fi connectivity and/or have dead Wi-Fi spots. This is for 3 reasons

This is where Simple Home Solutions steps in! We consider ourselves Wi-Fi Specialists because no matter whether it’s a 2 bedroom house, a loft, an outbuilding, or a small museum, we can install Wi-Fi systems that have provided consistent Wi-Fi coverage everywhere. Instead of relying on the poor quality router and signal provided by your ISP, we implement Mesh Wi-Fi systems that provide robust coverage everywhere.Most importantly, extending coverage to areas that may have previously been dead spots.

How we resolved Wi-Fi issues for a family

BT Wi-Fi vs SHS Wi-Fi Mesh

How we helped a client

Case Study: Bentley Priory Museum

Bentley Priory Museum rotunda


Café at Bentley Priory Museum

Unable to Take Card Payments Outside the Cafe
Poor Wi-Fi Speed in the Cafe and Museum

Simple Home Solutions provides consultancy services for Bentley Priory Museum and we undertake Ad-Hoc project work for them.

They approached SHS as they were having issues with taking card payments on the patio area outside the Cafe.

In line with this they were also saying that the Wi-Fi speed in the Cafe and the Museum was not good.


Mesh wifi system hubs x 3

Installed a Mesh Wi-Fi System in the Cafe
for the Rest of the Museum

Card Payment machines require Wi-Fi to enable them to connect to the bank to take payments. If the connection to the machine is poor you are unable to take payments. This is a common issue with Cafes that have external seating areas.

After assessing the infrastructure of the museum we decided we could implement a Wi-Fi Mesh system WITHOUT having to run additional cabling around the museum. This worked perfectly in the Cafe area, meaning they could take payments on the patio but also customers could now make use of the Wi-Fi inside and outside the Cafe.

The museum was so impressed with the results they asked us to extend the mesh network to the rest of the museum and replace the Access Points they had in place. Overall this was successful implementation to a common issue facing small businesses.

How we helped a client

Colaba Indian restaurant logo

Case Study: Sachin Mulane

Took Took Pan Asian Street Food logo


Cartoon bank notes with flapping wings
poor Wifi

Losing Money as Online Order Tablets Dropping Wi-Fi Connection

Sachin owns Colaba and Took Took restaurants in West Hampstead.

Since the pandemic, a large portion of their business has been through online orders. They take orders from Deliveroo, Uber Eats, and Just Eat as well as their own in-house online delivery service.

These orders are taken via tablets that reside in the kitchen. However, their Wi-Fi connection in the kitchen is poor.

Throughout the day especially during a busy service, their tablets would lose connection to the internet. Every time this happened unless they moved the tablets out of the kitchen and into the restaurant they would LOSE ORDERS and LOSE MONEY.


Mesh wifi system hubs x 2

Installed a Mesh Wi-Fi System

SHS conducted a site survey to understand the extent of the problem. We then put a proposal together to look at the most cost-effective solutions which would also cause the least disruption given these are live working kitchens with very little downtime. We installed a TP Link Deco mesh Wi-Fi system. This didn’t require us to run any cables and had zero downtime as well.

The result was a separate Wi-Fi network for their devices which provided excellent coverage across the whole restaurant. The tablets were then able to connect to the mesh network by either ethernet or Wi-Fi.



5 gold star recommendation
“Highly recommended & Trustworthy. The service was first class from the first contact to the installation. Everything was fully explained upon sale by Bart.

Our internet connection went from nowhere to everywhere. The mesh system is easy to use and offers total peace of mind.

Bart is very knowledgeable and does his research, this system it’s definitely the best. I’m happy to highly recommend if you are looking for a total home or a business internet connectivity or broadband issue.

It’s Bart & his speedy service. Special thanks to for the extra time, long calls , patience and professional service”

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