Mobile Phone and WiFi Specialist



As technology constantly changes more and more people want to be able to utilise it in their day-to-day lives with their banking, watching tv, controlling the heating etc. but they don’t always have someone who can show them how to get started. 

Do you...

…want to use technology like computers, phones, smart devices, etc. but have no one who can show you where to begin and how to set everything up?

…know anyone (parents, grandparents etc) who need some help that you can’t provide, perhaps due to your work/life commitments or even you live in a different country now?



The market for utilities and broadband is constantly evolving and it can be quite overwhelming to keep up and ensure you are getting a good deal on your utilities and broadband. As we understand the markets we are able to obtain much better deals for our clients.

Simple Home Solutions - WiFi Specialists and Tech Training

Read the below review from a client who we helped, she now lives in the USA and her mother is in London.

We were initially made aware of Simple Home Solutions via a London-based FB group. Most tech companies are usually geared towards helping companies and small businesses with their needs, or they have a store which people need to get to. Simple Home Solutions differentiated themselves from the beginning in many helpful ways - Bart/Ajay is available to travel to people's homes and solve issues on-site. This was the perfect solution for my elderly mum...
Rupa Mohan
Advice and Training