Smart lounge with big screen TV & sky q box

HOME ENTERTAINMENT INSTALL & SET UP: Sky Q Mini Box, Netflix, Amazon Firestick

Let us set up your Sky Mini boxes properly to allow you to watch Sky in more than one room.

A common issue many customers face, let SHS connect your SKY Q and Mini Boxes via ethernet to ensure you get a seamless viewing experience.

We can install systems such as Sonos and Acrylic to let you control and stream music via your phone. SHS can install wall mounted or ceiling speakers for you.

Let us set up your devices – Firesticks, Echos, Google Nest, Smart TVs – and show you how to use them to maximise their benefit.

SHS can mount your TV to the wall and advise on what type of bracket to get, you may want to be able to swivel your tv.

How we helped a client

Case Study: Mrs M Lakhani


Buffering signal circling

Sky Mini Boxes Buffering
Poor Wi-Fi

There is a Sky Q box and 3 Mini boxes connected by Wi-Fi.

Sky Q and mini boxes kept either disconnecting or buffering.

The in-built apps like Netflix would then stop working too.

They also had poor Wi-Fi connectivity in the house and the outbuilding had NONE.  


HDMI & ethernet cables plugged into home entertainment box

Installed a Wi-Fi Mesh System to Improve Wi-Fi and Connected Sky Q Mini- Boxes by Ethernet

SHS installed a TP Link Wi-Fi Mesh system This provided excellent coverage over the whole home.

We then disabled Wi-Fi access on all the Sky Boxes.

Then connected all the Sky boxes, both Q and Minis to the Mesh system via ethernet connections This ensures there is an always on connection to the boxes and removes the reliance on Wi-Fi between the boxes.

The result was no more buffering when watching TV, great Wi-Fi connectivity across the house AND the outbuilding FINALLY getting proper Wi-FI!


5 stars transparent
I would like to recommend Simple Home Solutions for helping us resolve some long-running issues we have had with our Sky Q and Wi-Fi. Our Wi-Fi signal around the house has been poor for years despite changing providers between Virgin and BT.

BT even installed their BT discs system in our house which didn’t do much and definitely did not help with our outbuilding which has always had a poor connection. SHS came and installed a Mesh Wi-Fi system for us and now we have excellent coverage everywhere in the house including the outbuilding.

They then had a look at our Sky Q system as we have 3 mini boxes as well and have had constant problems with either all the boxes buffering or at least the mini boxes buffering. This meant that we either can’t watch anything or when we do it stops and starts constantly which is very frustrating.

We can now happily watch Sky on all our boxes without any issue.

We are really pleased with the overall service and found SHS to be very helpful in answering any questions we had and explaining everything clearly. Like us, I’m sure there are many families who have issues with their Wi-Fi and Sky Q systems. I would happily recommend Simple Home Solutions
Wall mounted TV with text Do You Want a Wall Mounted TV?
Wall-mounted TVs save space and eliminate clusters of cables littering the ground. You don’t have to worry about kids or pets running around and accidentally knocking over the TV. On top of all that, brackets can be much cheaper than purchasing a new TV stand.

There are many reasons for mounting a TV to the wall:

  1. Keep Your Space Tidy
  2. Mounts Are Less Expensive than a TV stand
  3. It’s Good for Your Eyes – adjust your viewing angle with a swing arm bracket
  4. Mounts Are Safer for Kids and Pets
  5. Mounts are Good for Your Back – positioned correctly your back and neck will be in the correct position
  6. Less Clutter
  7. Swivel the TV to allow you to watch it from outside or at a table.

Simple Home Solutions can help you choose the correct bracket for your needs. We will do a free assessment to ensure we can safely install the right bracket for you.

How we helped a client

Case Study: Bhavin Shah


Sky mini box buffering circling signal

Sky Mini Boxes Buffering
Poor Wi-Fi

Bhavin has Sky broadband and the wi-fi coverage around the house has been poor with some areas getting no coverage.

His 2 Sky Mini boxes keep disconnecting and buffering

Sky have been very unhelpful, sending 15 engineers in the past 2 years who have done nothing to resolve the issues.

After seeing clients recommend SHS on various Facebook groups he got in touch with us!


Sky mini box with ethernet & HDMI cables plugged in

Installed a Wi-Fi Mesh System To Improve Wi-Fi and Connected Mini- Boxes by Ethernet

SHS installed a TP Link Mesh Wi-Fi system across the house to improve the overall Wi-Fi Coverage.

We then utilized the ethernet capability on each unit to connect the Sky Mini Boxes by ethernet to the mesh units therefore providing them a more solid always on connection


5 stars transparent
“I have been having constant problems with my Wi-Fi over the last 3 years. Every time I spoke to sky it was the same old suggestions I got back which never worked. In the past 2 years we have had almost 15-20 Sky engineers come around with no success.

After finding out and contacting Simple Home Solutions, I found them very responsive and answered all questions I had perfectly. When they came around very professional and friendly and did a details survey of property to find the issues. Recommended the MESH system and it works perfectly now.”

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