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HOME SECURITY Including Installing Ring Doorbells

SHS can install an Ajax alarm system to protect your property.

SHS can install a Video Doorbell for you enabling you to answer and check your front door anytime , anywhere.

We can install either Wi-Fi or ethernet-based security cameras for you which will allow you the comfort of watching over your home from anywhere in the world.

SHS can set up various Wi-fi plugs that let you control your devices in your home whether you are at home or out.

How we helped a client

Case Study: Carol - London


Doorbell in brick wall being pressed
Carol had a normal doorbell and wanted to have the security of seeing who is at the door before opening it.

Additionally she wanted to be able to answer the door or check who is at the door when not at home


Eufy wifi doorbell components
SHS installed a Eufy Video Doorbell This comes with a Chime and an micro SD Card.

All events are saved on the SD card so no additional costs unlike Ring

There is also a motion sensor option, so you are alerted if anyone is near the front door


5 stars transparent
IT problems: need a Security Doorbell installed. call Simple Home Solutions on 0447869736071 or simplehs.co.uk. Bart is the answer!

Nice young man. quickly responded, gave advice (that we understood) and quickly efficiently installed our new door bell.

A couple of days later rang to check all was well. Thank you Bart will be in touch re laptop

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