Wi-Fi: What, Why & How!!!

What id Wi-Fi? How do we fix BAD Wi-Fi?
What is Wifi
What is Wi-Fi?
Wi-Fi is essentially a radio signal that is transmitted from our routers. Our routers are just like old-style radios that are transmitting 2 signals which are 2.4G and 5G. This is like transmitting FM and LW. FM is the strong signal that is 5G and LW is less strong 2.4G but it carries a long way. 5G – carries lots of data but only a short distance 2.4G – carries less data but a long distance Typically, a phone or laptop will pick up 5G while a doorbell will pick up 2.4G. We don’t really need to know the difference as our Wi-Fi devices are clever enough to just pick up what they need.
Why do we have BAD Wi-Fi?
There are 2 main reasons for bad Wi-Fi in the UK.
1 – The routers that most if not all ISPs provide are not of the best quality out of the box. They transmit inconsistent signals that are often not fit for the purpose
2 – The most common cause of BAD Wi-Fi in the UK is due to the construction of your property. As we live in solid-built houses, usually made of brick with metal reinforcements where there have been extensions or larger rooms: these all serve to cut the radio signal that the router is transmitting. In addition, the out-of-the-box router’s radio signal is just not strong enough to reach all parts of your property. And unfortunately the bigger your property the more issues you will have with Wi-Fi. This is akin to years ago when you just could not pick up a certain radio station in a room purely because the radio signal was not able to breach the property. The reason most houses have issues with Wi-Fi in a kitchen #kitchenWi-Fi is a combination of these things. Kitchens have a large amount of metal in them so the radio signal does not penetrate plus the strength of the signal being transmitted from the router is weak. When the ISPs tell you it’s because you have too many devices or not enough speed this is nonsense. We have done a Wi-Fi installation for a 5-bed family home with approx 50 devices connected to it on a 70 MB connection with no issues.

how we fix bad wifiHow do we at SHS fix BAD Wi-Fi? #howtofixbadWi-Fi


There are 3 steps we undertake to fix BAD wi-fi.

Step 1 – Assess
Step 2 – Quote and configure
Step 3 – Install and Test

Step 1 – Assess

We will assess your current connectivity, wherever possible this is done in person. If needed we can remotely assess using video calling and running some tests.

No 2 Wi-Fi issues are the same as no 2 properties are the same. We need to understand firstly how good is the quality of the connection you are receiving from your broadband provider. As long as there is an adequate connection we know we can distribute the Wi-Fi signal properly. We then assess where are the pain points or dead spots.

Step 2 – Quote and Configure

After our assessment we will put together a no-obligation quote based on our recommendations of what we believe will resolve your Wi-Fi issues.

The quote is for us to install a Mesh Wi-Fi System. We will pre-configure these before we come on-site based on our assessment and most importantly our expertise.

Step 3 – Install and Test

What are Mesh Wi-Fi Systems? Mesh systems work by taking a feed from the ISP’s router and then creating their own Wi-Fi network. We connect a unit to the main router to start with and then strategically place several other units around the house. These units then connect to each other in most cases wirelessly and form their own Wi-Fi network.

Whilst on site we can tweak the connection if needed and ensure we are getting optimized connectivity. We want to ensure the signal strength between each unit is as strong as possible.

The result of this is that rather than everyone screaming at 1 router for a Wi-Fi connection, the load is being spread. As you move around your property your Wi-Fi device is connected to the nearest mesh unit. As the units connect to each other they provide a level of fault tolerance.

Most importantly by working together they give you consistent connectivity and expand the coverage of the Wi-Fi. Kiss goodbye to dead spots and say hello to consistent Wi-Fi connectivity everywhere on your property.

We use these to also provide connectivity for garden offices and outdoor spaces.

If youโ€™d have any questions or would like to know more don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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