Computer Support

computer support

SHS can provide you with the support you may need from time to time across a range of technical issues without the demands of having a maintenance agreement.

SHS can set up free software and show you how to run timely backups to protect all of your data.

Set up laptops from scratch.

Rebuild slow-running laptops to make them like new possibly saving you money in the process!


SHS can provide you ethernet connectivity across your business, either by running new cabling for you or using alternative methods.

Let us set up your printer to enable you to print from any device and anywhere at home.

If you think your computers are running slow let us assess them to see whether a rebuild and reinstall of your software makes them feel like new again.

How we helped a client

Case Study:
Hiten Makwana


MS Surface Pro was running very slow, he thought he'd have to replace it

Hiten had bought his daughter a MS Surface Pro Laptop for school

and after a few months, the laptop was not running as expected and was slow.


He was thinking of buying a new one as it was so bad. He contacted SHS to see what we could do


Rebuilt laptop, reinstalled Windows - Good as NEW.

SHS did the following

  • Copied all data off
  • Clean installation of Windows 10
  • Partitioned hard drive
  • Took an image for future use
  • Created a Google Drive account to store docs


RESULT – Laptop running like brand new, all data fully protected, and laptop fully backed up


5 stars transparent

Daughters Surface Pro was running super sluggish and she was extremely frustrated with it all the time.


Bart helped rebuild it and set up a Google account so all docs go onto the cloud and are never lost!


Runs Super slick now. Thank God, I just saved myself

E1000 and didn’t need to buy a new machine.

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