Back at North Harrow Library

Community Work

At Simple Home Solutions we think its important to give back to the community and help where possible.

We have partnered with North Harrow Community Library to help the community with its technology needs.


Each Thursday we run a FREE WORKSHOP that allows customers to book a 30 min slot to come and learn more about using their Mobile Phone, Laptop or Tablet.


We have been running this for over a year now with the library and its been a pleasure to see customers come in and feel they have a place to learn.


You are never too old to learn. We currently have 97-year-old Doreen who comes in each week to learn how to use her phone. We have been working on making and receiving phone calls, using text messages and most recently using Whatsapp…………we even touched on Talk to Text.


So if you know anyone who could do with some technology help get them to book a 30 min slot with the library we are always happy to help.


Simple Home Solutions, giving back to the community.

Kamal (Lead) – North Harrow Community Library


Bart has been helping us teach people how to better use smartphones, tablets, and laptops so they are digitally included


He has great patience and takes his time to allow people to get the most out of the sessions


This is a vital service he provides to the community to ensure we enable people to engage as the world moves online.


Thank you Simple Home Solutions for your work helping the community



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