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Wall Mounting A TV

Wall-mounted TVs save space and eliminate clusters of cables littering the ground. You don’t have to worry about kids or pets running around and accidentally knocking over the TV. On top of all that, brackets can be much cheaper than purchasing a new TV stand.

There are many reasons for mounting a TV to the wall:

  1. Keep Your Space Tidy
  2. Mounts Are Less Expensive than a TV stand
  3. It’s Good for Your Eyes – adjust your viewing angle with a swing arm bracket
  4. Mounts Are Safer for Kids and Pets
  5. Mounts are Good for Your Back – positioned correctly your back and neck will be in the correct position
  6. Less Clutter
  7. Swivel the TV to allow you to watch it from outside or at a table.

Simple Home Solutions can help you choose the correct bracket for your needs. We will do a free assessment to ensure we can safely install the right bracket for you.