Reliable Garden Room Wi-Fi: A Simple Home Solutions Success Story

Title: Reliable Garden Room Wi-Fi: A Simple Home Solutions Success Story


In today’s world, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity is essential not only inside your home but also in outdoor spaces like garden rooms. Recently, a client reached out to us at Simple Home Solutions with a common but critical problem: their newly built garden room was out of reach of their home’s Wi-Fi network.


Client Challenge:


After completing their garden room, our client found that their Wi-Fi signal was not strong enough to cover the new space. This issue was hampering their ability to work, relax, and enjoy their new garden room to its fullest.


Our Approach:


The client discovered us through our positive Google reviews and contacted Simple Home Solutions. Understanding the urgency, Bart visited the property within 24 hours. After a thorough assessment, we provided a prompt and effective solution.


Solution and Implementation:


We installed a Wi-Fi mesh system designed to extend the network’s coverage to the garden room seamlessly. The installation was done swiftly and efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to the client’s daily routine.




The client was delighted with the outcome. They now enjoy strong, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity in their garden room. Moreover, the solution was provided at a very reasonable cost, underlining our commitment to offering great value for money.


Client Feedback:


Here’s what our satisfied client had to say:

“After recently building a garden room, we had issues with WiFi reaching the space that we could not resolve. I contacted Bart after seeing his reviews on Google. Within 24 hours of contacting him, he visited our property and resolved the issue at a very reasonable cost. I 💯 % would recommend Simple Home Solutions. They are local, highly professional and great value for money.”



At Simple Home Solutions, we pride ourselves on delivering fast, professional, and cost-effective solutions to our clients’ technology problems. If you’re experiencing Wi-Fi issues in your garden room or any other part of your home, don’t hesitate to reach out. Let us help you enjoy seamless connectivity wherever you need it.


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