What we do

  • Provide affordable solutions to solve tech problems at home
  • If it’s tech-related at home we can help, just get in touch
  • We are a family run business 
  • Our aim to make tech easier for EVERYONE

Our Services

Simple Home Solutions - WiFi Specialists

Wi-Fi Specialists

  • Specialise in resolving Wi-Fi issues for homes and small businesses through Mesh Wi-Fi systems
  • Resolve any dead spots issues
  • Improve connectivity everywhere
  • Allow businesses to take card payments through Wi-Fi
  • Provide ethernet connections without running cables
Simple Home Solutions - Tech Support

Home Users & Working From Home


  • Speed up slow running laptops
  • Set up new laptops, chromebooks, tablets
  • Install wifi printers – print from anywhere in the home.
  • Back up your data – photos, documents, music.

Home Entertainment

  • Fix issues with buffering from Sky Mini Boxes
  • Set up and install IPTV and Video On Demand (VOD)
  • Resolve any TV aerial connection issues
  • Wall mount (hang) Smart TV’s
  • Install, Set-up and Support – Amazon Firesticks, Amazon Echos, Android Tablets, Smart TVs
Simple Home Solutions - WiFi Specialists and Home Security

Home Security - Video Doorbells etc

  • Install, Set up and Training:

    Wi-Fi cameras – cost effective solutions without running cables around the whole house

    Wi-Fi plugs – control lights, heaters when away from the home through Wi-Fi

    Wi-Fi doorbells (Ring, Eufy, Doorbird) – 

    • Install Wired and Battery Powered cost effective solutions, answer your doorbell from anywhere in the world 
    • View recordings of anyone that comes to your home
    • Use your doorbell as a camera and get motion alerts when anyone is near your home

Mobiles Phone and Advice/Training

  • Set up new phones

    Advice on what phone suits your needs

  • Printing from your mobile

  • Utilities & Broadband
    • Help with obtaining better deals on your home utilities and broadband
  • Advice to ensure you buy the correct product for your needs eg Laptop, Printer, Doorbell, Phone
  • Cloud storage advice (Google Drive etc)
    • ensure you don’t lose any data
    • access your documents from anywhere any time
Simple Home Solutions - WiFi Specialists and Tech Support

The Non Techies

  • Set up Smart Phones & how to use them
  • How to use Video Calling (eg Zoom, Whatsapp) to stay connected to family
  • Email & Internet Training
  • How to stream online TV – BBC iplayer & Netflix

Who We Are

We are a family-run business. Technology is something that should help us day to day not hinder us.

 With over 20 years of experience in the IT Industry performing Support, Project Management & Training roles we are well placed to provide you simple, honest & affordable solutions.

Our aims are Simple:

  • Provide affordable solutions for everyday technical issues at home.
  • Suggest recommendations for tech problems/issues in the home environment.
  • Make tech work for you.

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service to order to guarantee that all of our clients are 100% satisfied.

Sometimes all you need is a quick chat and we are happy to help.

Simple Home Solutions

Customer Reviews

“Thank god I didn’t need to spend £1000 on another laptop”
Solution – Laptop Rebuild

Daughters surface pro was running super sluggish and she was extremely frustrated using it every time.

Bart helped rebuild it and set up a google account too so all docs go onto the cloud and are never lost!

Runs super slick now. Thank God, I just saved myself £1000 and didn’t need to buy a new machine!!!!!

Hiten, London

“SHS saved me £558 on my broadband contract.”

SHS  have just help save me £31 per month on my broadband package with Virgin. I was paying £55 and now with their help am paying £24. Thats a saving of £558 on my 18 month contract .

I had no Wi-Fi in my kitchen and they have installed a Mesh system to resolve this. 

Very helpful and explained everything clearly to me as well. Will use them again.

Rosita, London

We can’t rely upon the Virgin and Sky of this world, but glad SHS is around to help.

I saw SHS posts on social media and how they’ve been able to help families with inadequate internet coverage and the positive feedback they got. So it was time for me to invest in improving not just mine, but more importantly, my parents (who are always on Zoom calls, WhatsApp call and becoming more reliant on technology via the Internet). SHS has improved Internet coverage, including speed in areas where we had poor or no coverage. My parents can now use the internet in the garden and have no lag. For me, I get strong signals everywhere in the house, which is essential as we work from home. Also, we have coverage in the garden, so very handy during BBQs! Thanks again, guys! We can’t rely upon the Virgin and Sky of this world, but glad SHS is around to help.


Atish, London

“Wi-fi was 5mb now 100mb”
Solution – Wi-fi Mesh Network

Used SHS to sort out a mesh network at home. 

We are with Virgin Media, was supposed to be getting 100mb speeds but the signal strength was so poor, coming in at 5mb at best. 

SHS sorted it out now we get 100mb across the whole house. Really recommend them.

Kiran. London

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Simple Home Solutions

Telephone: +447869 736071
E-mail: info@simplehs.co.uk